We’ve worked with clients all over America, and they have some pretty nice things to say about us.

“Hank’s imaging and choice of music is exactly what our station needed! It connects directly with the listener and is highly entertaining. We have seen listenership increase, and the positive listener feedback says it all!”

Rick Bradley, Operations Manager Rome Radio Partners LLC (Rome, Georgia)

“Armed with a fantastic playlist, Hank’s imaging is personality-driven and on target with our listeners. Hank definitely knows what buttons to push!”

John Sheftic, Market Manager DICK Broadcasting (Myrtle Beach, SC)

“DUKE FM provides your audience with music and entertainment that has been sorely lacking on radio. The passion for DUKE’s Classic Country is uncanny. DUKE FM’s presentation will keep you laughing while allowing you to locally brand this unique and uplifting brand.”

Jeff McCarthy, Vice President, Programming, Midwest Communications, Inc.

“So happy that HANK is finally out of the house and finally doing his own laundry!”

HANK’s Momma, probably